Kingston House’s First Lavender Harvest of the Year!

A little over a year ago, Eric and I decided that it could be fun to plant some lavender on the grounds of the Kingston House Weddings and Events venue.

Why lavender? Well, purple is my favorite color, and who doesn’t love the lovely fragrance of lavender? We also thought that the harvested flowers could be used at Kingston House weddings and receptions in bouquets, sachets, and other gifts.

I’ll admit that after planting some 300 little lavender plants last year, we weren’t very impressed! They were very small and weak. But, to my surprise, this spring they sprung! Thanks to the lovely weather we had over the July 4th weekend, Eric and I went picked our first lavender harvest of 2014! I’d say we have the start of a respectable Kitsap County lavender farm!
If you, or anyone you know is looking for a Puget Sound area or Kitsap County wedding, reception or special event venue, please consider Kingston House. In addition to beautiful grounds and a lovely house, it looks like we’ll have plenty of lavender to spare! :)

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